i exist between disciplines, mediums and contexts.

the cost of war  (2016)
experiencing how the true cost of war is paid by the lives of civilians.

collaboration for expression  (2015)
thoughts on collaboration, people & algorithms.

aspect  (2015)
what if projectors didn't ask people to get out of their way?

humanoid blanket  (2015)
humanoid robots do not need to look like people.

onn/of  (2015)
explaining quantum physics with bulbs.

the london excursions  (2014–17)
bits & blobs, while in london.

soundobject  (2014)
colourful sheet-music.

migration tops  (2014)
spinning-tops to present migration data.

the diy years  (2012–14)
graphic design & dissatisfaction.

bdes work  (2007–11)
undergraduate study: design methods.