Guwahati, papers, and birdwatching

roamed around in the city’s underbelly today:

roamed in-and-out of paper wholesale shops—which is why i’d gone to the city in the first place. and walked into a rickety old printing press. and breathed in all the sights and sounds on offer. fell in love with a railway crossing, and bought tons of stupid stuff. saw paint shops, junkyards, roadside sellers, ad-hoc retail, so very many many people, utter-chaos, and what-not. …and, fell irrevocably in love. with the sheer volume and variety in papers, stationery and print material.

and then, i noticed Vogue and Platform_. both of them looked so damn sexy at the teensie-little roadside magazine shop, just hanging there, almost demanding to be bought. and held. and experienced. and then, in all that romanticism, bang in the middle of the city, i realised, “damn, girls are awesomely pretty!” no matter who they are, they’re beautiful. so, girls and paper it was: in all their variety, colour, size, weight, dressings, and coats and smells (yes, paper has all of these too).

and then i came back to college. i was shouted at by my tutors for skipping class, and for what i’ve written above. and then jas took Platform_ from me because he—rightfully—loves it more than i do.

Life, we still say, is Good :)