i spent a week as a resident at Treemouse: toying with no-code, running visual-programming workshops, and what-not. while in gurgaon, i also met Abhinav and Anthony Lopez. Jan Rod (design director, ideo japan) and me spoke about ‘modern rituals’ and design fiction, and — thanks to the treemouseketeers — i was able to think of design as being broader than the ui/ux-theatre that most designers in india have pigeoned themselves into. this experience pushed me to reflect more deeply on words like ‘impact’ and ‘context’, and made me wonder if i’d like to function as a design researcher in the years to come.

thanks for having me: Nishita, Iti, megha, Tejal, Navendu, aastha, Kaaveya, nachiketa, Amruta, Harsh, the kind lady who prepared the meals every day, and the fellow who tidied the studio up every morning :)