red lipstick

should’ve eaten a mint. ’ve cycled for miles and haven’t showered since morn. of-course, your hair isn’t washed. the clothes are stupid—the shorts don’t match the shoes, and there are stains on the jacket. the gloves are tacky; the helmet’s in the way. you’re nervous and your mouth can’t stop spewing pointlessness. your body’s a wreck ; especially since you haven’t slept decently for a week. the cycle’s in between, and you’ve got to keep your hands on it. gosh, you’re ugly; and so full of yourself, that even you wouldn’t want to be near you. your lips had chosen today to go chapped and beyond ; and no amount of licking them is going to help. seriously, stop pursing them. stop it!, i said! and the lesser said about your stupid tights the better. okay, the hug is good enough. no!, don’t lean in! yeah, she’ll remember being whacked head-on by your helmet. hope you learn your lesson and cycle off. no!, don’t take the helmet off! okay, just a hug. her hair smells wonderful. yours surely stinks. did you wash behind your ears when you last showered? okay, that’s it ; ease away gently. gooood bo—ah!, interesting. tasty! lipstick is weird, isn’t it? good taste, though. fruity. okay, she’s never had a worse kiss. she’s already regretting it, i’m sure. stupid cycle, stupid gloves, stupid backpack. lucky street corner, i must say. okay, stop telling her you’re shy. small talk!?—really? might as well kiss her: at-least it’ll get you to stop talking. no!, i wasn’t serious! aaaaaaand you messed this one up too (obviously). how is she even putting up with you? she is a really nice person, isn’t she?, to be tolerating such a dweeb. you’re such an idiot. yes, you mustn’t go to her place :at-least you did one thing right. no!, don’t move your mouth. stay that way!: she’s happy kissing you on that lip for longer! no!, i said!, don’t move! okay, staaaay! hopeless! you don’t need to apologise or tell her that you should’ve planned it. seriously, shut your mouth and kiss her: that’s the only safe place left. oh, you’re so hopeless. i feel sorry for her. for her own good, she mustn’t like you. she mustn’t! okay, take her to breakfast on sunday. do it right. be nice. alright, finally, cycling away. phew. ah!, she turned! yay. hope that taste lingers. she’s beautiful.