what motivates me to work

what do i love the most about the work i do? the purpose. the ‘mission’ that i feel everyone is on, together. that is why working with artists was so satisfying: art is very-much like preparing for battle; you believe in something that others can’t see, and you let your emotions drive you to express that.

nowadays, i work with a robotics company; here, i’m not so fascinated by ‘robots’ : i’m motivated by helping shape the future of the field (of robotics), because if we make a good robot that treats people in a nice way, then the rest of the world can follow our example, and all robots will be nice.

i know it is a silly dream, but such dreams motivate me. even if only 1% of the dream comes true, it will still be so much better than doing some other boring job just for the sake of money.

extract, from a typewritten letter to a marion. it was originally typed as a single paragraph and, of-course, without hyperlinks.