to processing & beyond!

with the spotlight fixed on processing, i talked about how being able to prototype ideas rapidly liberates designers from the confines of a single medium.

graphic design beginnings. dissatisfaction with graphic design. can’t talk about something meaningful, because people are numb to the visual. so i began to play. (enter processing.) and my work began to bleed out of the screen. soon, it went beyond visual. into sound; and product; and dance. i stopped worrying about the medium; i was, finally, free to focus on the message. (liberation!) i could prototype ideas rapidly, and wasn’t restricted to graphic design. i could now speak about things that were meaningful. but, processing—like anything!—is both powerful and limited. (a caveat, uh-huh.) be open to using other tools, or collaborating with specialists, to take the prototypes to reality.

for: processing community day 2019 (bombay node)
venue: nmims school of design
and thanks to: arnab chakravarty for the introduction