The last three months

the bachelor defense. a polite ladder. unhinged, unhooked. kuala lampur. and langkawi. a journal, a beach, and a night. bhutan. and family. guwahati. a convocation, begrudged. one last walk.

home. bombay, rediscovered. buses and trains. isolation, in a crowd. a municipal school’s first day. matheran. a torn conversation. and newfound ones. a job. colaba, yari road. and powai. routine. and breaks. kurtas. a haircut. a bad taste in shoes. facebook. blasts, and rain. lies. a treasure hunt at 4. an irksome copscounter.

and oh, jaipur. nahargarh, sketches, a friend, dal baati churma, and life in a different gear. smoke, alcohol, and indifference unasway. delhi. the metro, buses, disgusting rickshaws and apathetic cityfolk. rendezvous. a studio, and them boutique-infested villages. train conversations. bombay vs delhi on the mind.

pretty, plastic people. and infatuations. doubt, and rebellion.

six books. music. two bags, orange and blue. and an epiphany, belated and cruel: i’ve been running seven years behind time.