patnem, goa

we were heading to surf and climb in karnataka, but bee twisted her ankle a few days before the trip ; so, we hopped off the train in goa, and spent a fortnight on patnem beach.

swam in the sea. bouldered. lost a key ; snuck in clumsily through a gap above the toilet, and masterfully dismantled the door to get into our hut ; found the key immediately after. rode a scooter ; hiked. visited butterfly beach: it was beautiful, filthy, and noisy. oft, sat, and did nothing. ran, barefoot, at sunset ; ran 10 km in an hour, while maintaining a steady heartbeat. played frisbee and football on the beach. smiled, with strangers. sat in on nid juries, and worked a bit. looked for places on rent nearby. kayaked, and felt sea-sick. didn’t skinny dip (and regretted it). watched dogs hound two calves on palolem beach ; cornered and terrified, one ran into the water and swam far out into the sea ; exhausted, however, it drowned. fell ill together : nursed each other back to health. collected sea-shells. she saw a meteor : he didn’t. tanned unapologeticaly. and, were happy.