the future of market research

“instead of asking people what they think their behaviour is, market-researchers can use sensors and wearables to study how people actually behave.”

after winning a ‘young researcher award’ (from ipsos india), bianca was invited to present her ideas about the future of market research at the ESOMAR congress 2022, in toronto. she wondered— “how does one share such ideas with the industry at large?”.

together, we explored the use of fiction to paint a vision of the future for the audience. we built lofi prototypes, designed studies, and constructed reports for what such a future may look like, in order to convince the audience that it is possible to do better.

this is how she began her talk:

“let’s imagine, it is 2025, and we’ve been using sensors in market research for three years now. … let’s look at some case-studies from 2025, then!”

at the conference, her presentation won the yes award, and was acknowledged as the best idea globally from a young market researcher.

my role: advisor, design fiction, information design, public-speaking training
with: bianca saldanha