Quantum Git

i have no fixed opinion or point of view. at different times in my life, i’ve referred to myself as a chameleon, wanderer and opposer. mostly, i like to take a diametrically opposite standpoint to what’s placed before me, and see where the fight discussion leads. it may seem like debate, but it’s usually an excursion down dialectic lane : at every stage, i see where the argument is going, and take up a revised diametric position. i change my stance every few minutes; often. i oppose not for the sake of opposing, but for a reason that is no longer the same as the reason i had a few moments ago. i shift, waver, and dally. i’m never sure. even if i’m sure, i’m unsure of how sure i can be. i’m never at any position : i’m all over the place. if you speak with me now, you’ll find me defiant on one particular point : but if you speak with me at another time, i’ll be assuredly elsewhere. at each moment, however!, i’m at a perfectly rational place : it’s just that my ability to rationalise things is limited by circumstance, past experience, present knowledge, my configuration and operational limits, and other such things. i’m a quantum git.

libby delivered a seminar on quantum computing; so.