against uppercase : for punctuation

this is in response to the lazy notion that “uppercase letters are the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse”:

actually, punctuation is the difference between helping your uncle, jack, off a horse : or helping your uncle jack-off a horse.

many writing systems—think of the scripts closer to home: devanagari, for instance—get by without being bicameral. most of the the trouble lies in people not using pauses—and punctuations—as they ought to ; and then lamenting about a lack of clarity. sure, the upper-case is really useful to mathematicians and computer programmers and, in some very specific cases, in regular life : but not when you need to help your uncle, jack, off a horse.

in the latin script (which is used to write the english language), the bicameral system is a vestige of how writing progressed with technology. with time, uppercase letters have become rather ingrained in different tasks, and we can’t imagine our lives without them. but why should that make them irreplaceable?

written: 20160215 • edited: 20200111

we could perhaps do without half our character glyphs (imagine learning how to draw only half the letters as a child). this blog serves, in-part, to demonstrate that.

just so you know.

written: 20150410