data manifestation

i ran a 3-day workshop on data manifestation for aman xaxa’s students of communication design (graduate studies) at the school of planning and architecture, bhopal. students found data on topics they were passionate about, and used paper and found/waste-materials to build quick sketches expressing it.

prachi raj tiwari: 13,000 school students died by suicide in india in 2021.

saoni ruikar: plastics are in the foodchain, and people ingest ¼ kg plastic a year.

uddipta gogoi: 2-wheelers showed up in three statistics in india: 50% of all road deaths in india involved people on 2-wheelers ; a staggering rise in “quick” home-delivery services was being fulfilled by ‘gig’-workers riding 2-wheelers ; and, driving “quick” led to a three-fold increase in road-accident deaths. (note: i worked with uddipta on the text after the workshop.)

notes (202305): i wonder if such work should be titled ‘information manifestation’ instead of ‘data manifestation’?