experience design for conversations between humans and the social-robot, furhat.

lead designer: demonstrating furhat as a retail robot at gitex 2019 in dubai. research, design, development and validation: for a multi-lingual medical robot (for merck).

furhat as a retail robot for etisalat at gitex 2019 in dubai.

improving neck-movements and gestures. creative direction: to support a brand-reposition exercise. programming and editing robot skills, for demonstrations to clients and investors. and, helping develop tools for skill-building.

changing furhat's default expression, to appear more inviting (and less like a stereotypical-white-male).

not enough screens? — observing the skill-development process: and then improving it.

decomputing a robot–human experience; looking for ways to improve it.

using neck-movements to make gestures seem more convincing.

improvements to furhat's movements (and behaviour) : and not just its appearance.

storyboards for multi-modal experiences: drawn, performed, or similarly multi-modal (and not written as linear scripts in text files).

work: experience design.
working fluidly between platform engineers, designers, developers, animators, writers, product owners, consultants, customers and humans.
full credit & copyright: furhat robotics.